Roman Glass Oval Dangles
Angie Olami

Roman Glass Oval Dangles

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Delicate Roman Glass Oval Dangles earrings. They are surrounded by a sterling silver and accented with small silver teardrop. Lightweight and lovely they are approximately 1 1/2″ long x 3/4″ wide

About Roman Glass:

Roman Glass jewelry from Israel is a beautiful treasured gift with a story from Ancient Roman history.

As history tells, the Roman Empire built an advanced civilization. Rome’s most significant accomplishment is the industrialization of glass.

The story unfolds 2000 years ago in Ancient Israel, a colony of the Roman Empire, where large stretches of sandy dunes and beaches made it one of the largest glass producers of the Roman Empire. These Israeli artisans left gorgeous relics of glass that were once a vase, jug or vessel.

After the pieces of glass were buried in the mineral rich sandy soil for centuries, a rich iridescent layer of patina formed on the surface of the glass shards. Glimmering in the light with opal-like, multi-color shades of blues and greens, each piece of glass glows as a unique, one-of-a-kind piece depending on the minerals in the soil, length of time buried and weather conditions.

The Angie Olami line of Roman Glass jewelry from Israel

“Angie Atkins, the designer behind the Angie Olami Roman glass jewelry, has spent many hours sifting through the rubble and myths of lost civilizations to find the subterranean history of amulets. From her travels and research, she has designed sterling silver jewelry collections based on the ancient languages, symbols, and cultures of Israel, Mesopotamia, Greece, and medieval Florence. She has spent time as well researching Byzantine, and Roman mosaics. Angie Olami’s Jewelry is made primarily in Israel by a small group of handpicked master craftsmen, using sterling silver settings and findings, real gemstones, seed pearls, Murano glass beads, Czech crystal and hand cut ancient Roman glass dating from 100 BCE to 300 CE.” (IsArt)

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