Dog Salt Pepper Shaker
Carolyn’s Art Glass

Dog Salt Pepper Shaker

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Dog Salt Pepper Shaker – The company’s passion for craftsmanship and fun blend perfectly with the little dog sniffing at his favorite fire hydrant. These hand crafted, hand blown pieces are fully functional salt and pepper shakers. All of the salt and pepper shaker sets are made of bore-silicate (Pyrex) glass…see description below to learn more about the glass blowing process used to craft Carolyn’s Art Glass shakers.

Carolyn’s Art Glass is nationally known for their whimsical and distinctive lines of salt and pepper shakers which are made of pyrex glass, hand blown by talented artisans. Its extensive shaker collection features whimsical subjects such as flying pigs, cows, and dogs, as well as brightly colored and patterned shakers you are sure to find a set that bring delight to your table with a conversation piece.

Glassblowers, using a torch to melt the glass, are called lamp workers. Colors are added, by vaporizing silver and/or gold onto the glass, or by melting large quantities of pyrex glass and mixing powdered pigments such as cobalt, chrome, and copper into the molten glass. The molten glass is then stretched into thin sticks called cane and applied in lines and dots to the objects.

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