Memories Blue Sapphire Necklace
Adel Chefridi

Memories Blue Sapphire Necklace

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Memories Blue Sapphire Necklace brings together the lovely 18 K gold & sapphire memories pendant on a delicately strung sapphire beaded chain, approximately 16″ long. Memories Blue Sapphire Necklace is perfect for the love of your life!

18K Yellow Gold in Satin Finish, Blue Sapphire (Approx 14mm), 16″ beaded sapphire chain

Please allow up to two weeks for shipment.

Watch the video above (just under the necklace picture) to learn more about Blue Sapphire Jewelry Meaning and Qualities.

Each piece of Adel Chefridi jewelry is handcrafted with care. Please allow up to 7-14 days of studio production time. This time does not include time in transit with the shipping carrier.

About the Artist:


“I remember being a child and the first time I walked into the back room of a jeweler. He had a torch in his hand and magnifying glasses on his face. He seemed like a magician playing with fire and I always loved magic. I believed that a master can turn anything into gold. I still believe that, but on a deeper level. Another interest I had during that time was searching for antique coins. Growing up in the Mediterranean city of Tunis, I found a medley of these including Punic, Roman, Byzantine, Vandal, Jewish, Islamic, French…so began my fascination with collections.

Many years later, I arrived in New York City, and the old dream of playing with fire, shaping gold and collecting objects came back to life. I went to the GIA to study Gemology and finished intensive programs in goldsmithing and diamond setting. To learn more, I went to India to search for gems and started setting them in gold and silver. I’ve been surrounded by gemstones and a flood of patterns ever since. Even after all of these adult experiences, my childhood is what ultimately defines my sense of beauty and esthetic choices. I still enjoy creating collections and surrounding myself with the magical beauty found in precious metals and gems.”

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